Death By Death Week

It’s thursday of winter quarter’s dead week and I have finally experienced my first dead week experience. I had two presentations due, a ten page paper, and a final project that wasn’t even assigned until today. I had a majority of my paper get deleted, having to stay up until the wee hours of the night just to manage the worst rough draft of my life. I had six shots of espresso between two cups of coffee today, and ate out again for dinner. I’m exhausted, my skin is breaking out, and I feel dead. Absolutely dead.


There is a part of dead week though that provides a satisfactory feeling, a sense of accomplishment. The late hours at the library, the tears, the frustration, the sacrifice, all for the knowledge that all courses were completed to the best of my ability. There is something in knowing that in less than a week, it will all be over, and soon a fresh quarter will begin, and if you fail a class, test, paper, or project, you will learn how to be better the next time, and you will never fail the same way again.

I’ve found it’s important to reward yourself for completing a quarter, even if you fail a class. Failing means something different to everyone, for me it was getting a C in a class during fall quarter, and I made it a point to give winter quarter my all. Now, knowing that it is almost over, and knowing that I can finish stronger than the previous quarter, I am ready to reward myself with a spring break full of reading for fun, sleeping, and my family.

So if anyone else is dealing with the stress of finals, or just school in general, you can do it. Whatever you accomplish, is an accomplishment, and it should be celebrated.

You should be celebrated.