Bad Blogger.

Self absorbed, narcissistic, emotional asshole. Just a few adjectives that perfectly describe my life as a “blogger” aka a person who has a WordPress account and NEVER uses it. I love writing in a blog form, I’m terrible at creative writing but I love to write.

Hello, I’m an English Major. I have to love writing or else I would fail out of school.

So as winter quarter, my second quarter into my major, comes to an end, I want to begin blogging again. There’s no real reason to blog other than because I enjoy it. It’s a great way to work out what I’m feeling, what I find interesting and why I find it interesting, to talk about the books I’ve read or music I’ve been listening to, movies I’ve fallen in love with, or just life in general.

We’ll see how this goes, I am taking 17 credits (4 classes) next quarter. My blog may turn into just pieces on Dickinson, Whitman, 19th century literature, how to manage a library, and research methodology and information literacy.


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