Mad Max: Fury Feminism.

The first day in my new house I decided to watch one of my all time favorite movies, recently gifted to me by my boyfriend. I ended up watching it three times in one weekend. Oops.

My roommate asked me “why do you like that movie so much?” and I obviously answered “because it’s FUCKING COOL” I mean things go BOOM a lot and it’s so weird, how could you not love that? But the real reason is, the main focus is the women escaping oppression, slowly becoming one of the top feminist movies of our time.

Growing up, my family was constantly watching action films, so naturally when my boyfriend asked me to go see Fury Road in theaters I was on board. I was not expecting to fall in love with the women in the movie.

First, the main lead (not max, I love max I really do, but I cannot consider him the lead) is a woman named Imperator Furiosa who drives a war rig for Immortan Joe. She goes on a run to get gas, or guzzolene if you want to use the amazing dystopian dialect of the mad max universe, but instead is harboring the “wives” (basically they are the breeders) of Joe.  Furiosa has designed this war rig herself, she is the only one who can use it, proven when Max tries to steal it from her and gets about 10ft. She can use a gun better than him, even using his shoulder as leverage.

Furiosa loves and cares about the women she is harboring, something many other critics have said isn’t a feminist point, BUT it totally is. Caring about other women enough to save them is 100% feminism, it is something that needs to be brought into our own society. Stop hating on celebrities for no reason, and open your eyes to the oppression of the world. Help and support others become better people and gain better lives.

The “wives” are extremely beautiful yes, but more than anything they are strong and assertive. Max throws a gun to be reloaded at the wives, and almost without hesitation Toast the Knowing grabs the gun and reloads it at an impressive speed. They symbolically release themselves of their chastity belts, and chat throughout the film “we are not things!” something I wish every woman would yell at some point in her life.

Nux, the boy at the end of his half-life, was a stowaway on the war rig. Capable could’ve killed him, or thrown him off the rig, but instead she allows him to stay, defending him to the others and proving that he is useful. She is the first person to ever show this boy affection and love, and in return he saves them all.

Now, the war rig could’ve met anyone in the desert to help them fight Joe and his underlings, but they met a band of badass women on motorcycles who help the wives understand what the world was like before the world died. Everyone quickly bonds together to defeat the Joe, and return to the citadel victors. Raised up by the war boys, the milk mothers released the water onto the peasants in victory, free from under Joe’s reign. Max disappears into the crowd, with one final glance at Furiosa as she is raised with her fellow queens. He leaves them to celebrate their victory, knowing they would have won it with or without him.

I’ve read a lot of articles about how this movie is or isn’t about feminism. To those against the feminism in this film I have to say, let us have this one. It’s not often women are given a lead role in a movie with a man’s name in the title. It’s not often a woman is given a top soldier’s position in an army full of men. It’s not often women get to openly say “we are not things” and have the audience cheer back, “no, you’re not.”


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