I Dare You.

As someone who loves music AND writing, I thought I would implement a music segment into my blog. After all, I just here jamming to Bea Miller’s debut album “Not An Apology” as I have been for the past week so I might as well write about this heavily talented young woman.

On July 21, 2015 the spunky 16 year old (who is same age as my younger brother IT KILLS ME THEY’RE ALL SO YOUNG AND TALENTED okay sorry, I’m good now) released her 11 tracks of powerful pop goodness into the world. Something that had been missing from my music library and from my life.

The track I chose to feature is my personal favorite off of the album, the female badassery that is “I Dare You.” Honestly, I had no idea who Bea was until some random spotify user had this song in a dance playlist. One listen and I was hooked on it. Who doesn’t love a song that challenges someone to lock you up so you can break down the wall? How could you not get INSTANTLY pumped? Brb, gonna go break down this wall Bea style.

This song features lyrics such as “I’m picking up my sword, to shatter all the pieces that I was before, cause I’m worth fighting for” followed by a scream-singing chorus that can only be compared to Kelly Clarkson in “Since You’ve Been Gone.” You go girl.

The bridge of this track is another experience. Bea puts into words what so many young adults feel. Running because you want to find out who you are, what you’re meant to do. She just stops and says “I would go the distance but it wasn’t far enough, but now I’m standing straight and know exactly who I am,” something we’re all searching for.

This song is a powerful anthem, as is the rest of Bea’s album. Not only is it available on EVERY source you can buy music on, she has every song on YouTube and on Spotify to stream for free. So, there is really no excuse for this album to not be in your life right now. I hope to hear more of Bea on my local radio stations, but for now I’ll be scream-singing in my car and dance-running on the treadmill to all of her songs.


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