The First.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sweeping Motions.”

currently, I am laying in my bed with a comforter snugged around me, surrounded by the messiest state my room has ever been in. dirty clothes in baskets, on the floor, drapped over the couch, basically everywhere BUT the dresser and closet. my books are piled up in little piles, making little skyscraper cities I try not to step on in my Godzilla state of maneuvering around the mess of it all.

I guess it got this way because of life. three weeks away from moving, still working a full time job, and having classes all take away from my cleaning abilities. most of the time, getting my clothes washed and into a basket is all there is time for, and that is okay.

I dream of having my room organized and clean on a regular basis, a time where everything has a place. books will be on their bookshelves, clothes will be in drawers, and there will be no clutter.

it’s not that time just yet, but soon.


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